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Professional Recruiters

Experienced and Determined

We are a small, but determined recruitment agency, staffed with experienced recruiters who love solving hard cases. Before recruiting for your company, we ourselves recruited the most capable experts, who consciously dedicate themselves to client service. We are a professional team, having already satisfied many hundreds of complex business staffing requirements.

Dedicated to the Client and Demanding of Ourselves

We provide expert personnel placement for corporate clients. Experience, market knowledge, business connections and a deep understanding of the nuances of matching employers and candidates underpins our work.

Doing business with a wide variety of companies over the years, we learned the ins and outs. We know the ways and means of management decision making, as well as corporate process, convention and rules in each business segment that we serve. As a result, we present our clients with the most appropriate CVs with a high degree of confidence.

To us, there is no such thing as a ‘difficult’ client. Our recipe for success consists of a deep understanding of, and orientation to the customer, coupled with a genuine interest in their business operations.

We pay close attention to our candidates. Regardless whether we headhunted a relevant professional directly or he/ she approached us on their own initiative, we keep in constant contact with everyone.


Our services

We place professionals for mid- and top-level positions. Moreover, we provide market mapping services, researching the employment market in response to client request.

When starting a search for a suitable candidate for you, we first consider your business sector, and therein, the current market situation. Our ability to understand people and initiate a dialogue facilitates this undertaking. Overall, successful fulfillment of the assignment requires careful attention to nuances and details to ensure the satisfaction of both employer and candidate.

Sector focus

We can provide solutions for situations of varying complexity across a wide range of business spheres. Nonetheless, every recruitment agency favours certain sectors. We do, as well.

Our preferred industries, in which we succeeded in numerous assignments and in which our team members gained particular recognition, include:

  • FMCG
  • Consumer Electronics
  • IT
  • Banking & Investments
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Services

Job function

Further, we place specialists in various functional job categories to meet client needs. In this regard, we focus on:

  • Finance & Accounting
  • HR
  • IT
  • PR, GR
  • Office Support


We’re different

Clients often ask what makes us special and what we want to say to the market. We have answers to such questions, for we do differ from our competitors in a number of ways.

We care

Perhaps our greatest advantage, we care. We care about whom we work for and how we perform. We care about the candidates we propose. We care about the hopes and aspirations of both candidate and employer. It is important to us that both parties in the process are truly content with one another. And we do try hard to make it happen.

Pretentious though it may sound, we put soul into our work. Or, at least, we do our best to.

Broad reach

PQ is a relatively new player in the recruitment market. This allows us to search overtly across a wider range of companies without risk of provoking conflicts of interest. Conversely, widely-recognized recruitment companies are often forced to resort to stratagem to conceal their efforts, which narrows their potential field.

Independent expertise

All PQ team members deliberately remain in the client consulting sphere, for sake of independence, and at the same time, to enable the most complex types of recruitment activity.

As such, with no designs to go over to the client, our consultants ensure a more lasting and stable service of the best quality. In contrast, recruiters who wish to join the client firm quickly lose motivation and impartiality. For the client, this increases risk of frequent change of contacts and lowers overall quality of service.

Professional ethics

For a recruiter there is nothing more important than his or her reputation. We are no exception. Accordingly, we have immutable principles concerning confidentiality and inviolability of professional ethics. We have on our shoulders vast experience working on confidential projects and we know how to ‘keep our mouths shut’.

Convenience and benefit

As regards compensation, we take a case-by-case approach and offer three general terms of payment:

Option #1: ‘hire-and-pay’ – payment due upon the employment of the candidate by the Client.

Option #2: monthly fixed fee.

Option #3: in certain cases retainer is applicable.

In all cases we work under a simplified form of taxation that, under clause 26.2 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, imposes no VAT requirement on the Supplier of services.


Build relationships

The primary advantage of a good agency lies in the attitude of its employees towards the client and to their individual responsibilities. Since recruiting is first of all a service, the personal qualities of the service provider come to the fore in cases where professional competences, experience, established relations or even reputation are comparable.

At PQ, we actively cultivate true professional pride in every member of our team, which compels them to do their best for their clients and candidates. This pride constitutes the ‘little secret’ of our success.

Focus on the client

Customer orientation – a phrase that means quite simply that we are always ready to listen to the client, and most importantly, hear the customer’s needs and ask the right questions. Accordingly, for us there are no assignments that we would not take on, no situations that we would not consider and no complications that we could not overcome.


Not only can we find the right candidates, we can also shape the market ourselves. Analyzing the constant flow of information coming in, we occasionally spot unforeseen interrelations and promising possibilities. It’s a creative approach that requires expertise, ingenuity and courage. But that’s exactly what allows us to find the potential for effective and beneficial cooperation in the most unexpected places.

Love our work

PQ – more than anything else, it means constant striving to do a job well. It means that, to us, our job is more than just a job. That’s why each successfully realized assignment continues to fill us with delight and satisfaction.


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